Participating Members of the 40. Sängerfest
of the Nord Pazifischer Sängerbund

AVC Melody Choir, Vancouver, BC

AVC Melody ChoirThe AVC Melody Choir was founded in 1974 With the purpose of keeping alive the rich heritage of Austrian folk music in the Austrian Community of Vancouver, and to share it with the larger multicultural community of Canada. From a modest beginning the choir at present has 47 active members, and it has expanded its repertory to include operatic pieces as well as sacred music. We are proud to be able to perform in German, English, Latin and Italian.

Members of our choir have their birthplace in a variety of European countries as well as Canada. The love of the beautiful melodies of Austria unites us.

We appreciate the continued support of the Austria Vancouver club. We thank the executive and all the members as well as all our families for their support.

Concordia Choir, Spokane, WA

The origins of our Concordia Choir can be traced back to the Gesangsverein Concordia that was organized by German pioneers in 1868 in the Spokane area. Through the steady influx of German immigrants the Gesangverein Frohsin was founded in 1892, and then the choir of the Turnverein (Gymnists) was founded.  On the 1st of June, 1911, these three choirs united under the name „Gesangverein Arion Spokane“. In 1993 Gesangverein Arion decided to change their name back to Concordia Choir, which is the name that is used today. With exceptions of the two world wars, our Concordia Choir has continued to preserve and maintain German musical and cultural traditions. The Concordia Choir members belong to the German American Society of Spokane and meet regularly for club functions at the Deutsches Haus on West 25 Third Avenue. The Concordia Choir is incorporated as a non-profit organization and its mission is to promote the German culture in song. We are 31 active singers; most are of German origin.

The choir performs several public concerts during the year at the Deutsches Haus, and organizes a German Christmas service in December at one of the local churches. The choir also performs by invitation for other groups and charitable institutions.

As part of the North Pacific Sängerbund, Spokane hosted Sängerfest (song festivals) in 1934, 1958, 1969, 1974 (in conjunction with “EXPO 74”) and most recently in 1993.  

Harmony Choir, Victoria, BC

Harmony Choir, VictoriaThe Harmony Choir was established as an independent choir in 1961, with 40 members and its founding conductor, Mrs. Gretl Adam. It held its practices in the Norwegian Hall, and focused on a repertoire of German folk songs and “Lieder”; at the same time, it kept up social traditions such as Fasching dances. Within a year of its founding, the Harmony Choir joined the North Pacific Singing Federation (Nord Pacific Saengerbund), an alliance of German choirs in the U.S. and the Canadian Northwest that holds song festivals every two or three years. The federation celebrated it's 100 year anniversary in 2001.

Victoria was the host city in 1967: the Harmony Choir did the honors that year, with a total of 200 singers and their guests participating. The Song Festival of the year 2001 was again held with great success in Victoria, this time with 500 singers and an enthusiastic following of close to 1000.

In 1971 the Harmony Choir joined the newly formed Victoria Edelweiss Club, thus becoming a sub-group of the club and adopting the name Edelweiss Harmony Choir. As such, the choir’s horizons widened as its members took part in all functions of the club, providing entertainment at Anniversaries, Mother’s Days, Christmas Concerts, and parties. The choir sings at hospitals, seniors homes, churches, and at the popular Folkfest of the Inter-Cultural Association.

The current Choir Director is Dr. Angelika Arend, whose passion for music is reflected by the choir's lively and engaging performances. The choir's piano accompanist is also a very talented musician. Membership in the choir has reached 50, and is supported by a small executive, chaired by the current choir president, Angelika Morris.

Concordia Choir, Vancouver, BC

The Concordia Choir, Vancouver was founded in 1976. Our choir is dedicated to share our beloved German songs and culture with others in Vancouver’s multicultural society. At the same time we enjoy the friendships and Gemütlichkeit that are so much part of our group.

Our singers are primarily German-speaking, but also include singers from other backgrounds that enjoy choir singing. Being a member of the Nord Pazifischer Sängerbund enables the choir to meet with all the other choirs on a regular basis in order to share our songs and renew our friendships. In 2008 the Concordia Choir hosted of the 37th Sängerfest, also held here in our beautiful city of Vancouver.

Throughout the year the Concordia Choir is very involved in the community. We sing at events such as the annual European Festival in Burnaby, the Pacific National Exhibition, the German Canadian Care Home, Tag des Deutschen Platzes, VanDusen Gardens Festival of Lights, the Vancouver Christmas Market and the Dundarave Festival of Lights. In addition to these events we host our own concerts at the Vancouver Alpen Club which includes hosting and singing with visiting choirs from Germany.

New singers are always welcome to join our fun group.

Under the leadership of President Karin Frank, Choir Director Sergio Pires, and pianist Tanya Frank, the Concordia Choir is looking forward to perform at the 40th Song Festival.

Gesangverein Arion, Seattle, WA

Gesangverein Arion, SeattleThe harmony of German songs has sounded in the Puget Sound area for a long time. Already in 1884, years before the famous Seattle fire, a German Singing Society was in existence.

On October 13, 1910 our Verein Arion was founded and German songs were heard at rehearsals from the Arion Hall in the Pioneer Building. In 1926 the "Arion Verein" merged with the Seattle Liedertafel, which originated in 1892.

The name "Arion" was taken from the Greek mythology. Arion was a Greek poet and player of the lyre in the seventh century B.C. "The Gesangverein Arion (German Singing Society)" is a member of the North Pacific Sängerbund which was founded in July 1901 in Seattle. The first North Pacific Song Festival was held 1902 in Seattle with guest choirs from Portland, Spokane, Tacoma, Bellingham and Everett. Together, thirty six Song Festivals were held in different cities of the Pacific Northwest. Seven of these were hosted by the "Gesangverein Arion" (a mixed choir) in Seattle. We are a close-knit singing group and it is our desire to uphold the German word and song for us and those who will follow.

Liedertafel, Kelowna, BC

The Kelowna Liedertafel was founded in 1970 by a few enthusiastic singers, two of them are still active in the choir today.

With pride we look back on 44 years of the choir. Singing together has enriched the culture and social life of many individuals and the group as a whole.

Our aim is to maintain the tradition of mixed German choirs and German songs. Thanks and appreciation for the successful development of the Kelowna Liedertafel are due to all members, the Executives, music Directors and Accompanists who have contributed tireless to our organization. Our Choir Director Rory Fader and Accompanist Ursula Pidgeon have been with us for the last 3 years. Our choir organizes and participates in many concerts and festivals in the Okanagan Valley.

We are pleased and enjoyed participating in all past Sängerfests of the Nord Pazifischer Sängerbund and also hosted the Sängerfest in 1984 and 2003.

Liedertafel Harmonie, Portland, OR

Liedertafel Harmonie, PortlandThe Liedertafel Harmonie (German Singing Society Portland, Oregon) has been a tradition in Portland since 1923.

We are a vital link in Portland's German community, keeping German culture alive through our concerts, dances, picnics, singing at Oktoberfests, and much more.

An annual Christmas concert is the highlight of our yearly schedule, with our audience growing every year. Together with a festive gathering afterwards for a traditional German Christmas dessert buffet, and an authentic German Christmas bake sale, our concert has truly become an event not to be missed in Portland.

MGV Lyra, Vancouver, BC

MGV LyraSince 1965 the MGV LYRA has been a pillar of the Vancouver Alpen Club and the German Community in Vancouver. During those past fifty years the powerful voices of the Mens’ Choir have resounded in many communities throughout British Columbia, as well as, in the United States. The four extended tours throughout Germany are also highlights in the choirs’ existence. The song festivals of the North Pacific Singing Society, which are held at two to three year intervals, are special and memorable events, contributing to harmony and friendship among the member choirs from British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. To that end we are extremely pleased and proud to be the host of the 40th Song Festival in the year of our 50th Anniversary.

From the seeds of a small dedicated group of interested singers we have continued to grow in numbers ranging at times between 40 and 60 singers. Although more mellow as we age, we have not lost our desire and devotion to provide enjoyable entertainment of significant cultural value and seek to uphold the noble tradition of German Songs, which is, and will always be, part of our heritage.

Much of our success can be attributed to the tireless efforts of our conductors. We thank them all for their contribution and perseverance but are extremely proud at this Sängerfest to be under the guidance of pianist Ewaryst Sitkowiecky and esteemed choir director Ben Ewert, a graduate of the University of Cambridge who has instilled in us over the past three years the importance and value of doing homework. Through his leadership the choir is striving to reach a new niveau.

For us a concert like this is an occasion to make new acquaintances and renew old friendships. But more important than that it is an opportunity to share a part of our heritage and leave our mark on the multi-cultural make-up of the North American Society.

Chor Musica, Nanaimo, BC
(not participating at the 40th Saengerfest)

Chor Musica NanaimoChoir Musica was founded in 1980 by 18 enthusiastic singers. Several of the founding members are still active today. Singing together has enriched the fellowship and social life of the group. Our membership totals 34 active members.

We are very fortunate to have Georgina Bonkowski directing our choir since 1980. Thanks to her dedication and patience, the choir has achieved a good measure of success. We sing at club functions, as a guest choir in other cities, and at local events.

Choir Musica has participated at all North Pacific Son festivals since 1982, and looks back with pride to the 32nd and 38th Saengerfests held in Nanaimo in 1996 and 2010 respectively.

We wish all participants and the MGV Lyra organizing committee a successful 40th Song Festival and are looking forward to festivities in beautiful Surrey, BC.






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Horst Zimmermann
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Musical Director of the Event:

Ben Ewert, M.Mus.
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